Your Design, Your Dimensions,
Our Workmanship, Our Woodshop

Our Woodshop consists of just two people.

My name is Thomas, my wife's name is Cathy. Everything made in Our Woodshop is made by us.

I learned woodworking, and just a lot of mechanical common sense from my father Dan Jones and my grandfather, Charles Wagner.

I would really be honored to have something that we have made in your home.

Just because it's custom-made for you, doesn't mean that it will be expensive.

So if you've had something special in mind, a creation all your own, and you want to turn it into a reality...

PS, People keep asking if I fix furniture or refinish furniture. I don't but I would be glad to make something for you.

Contact us, Tell us what you want, We'll make it.

Customer Pickup and Local Delivery Only.
If you e-mail us please include your phone number and where you are from.

Our Woodshop
North Canton, Ohio