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Vermont Natural Coatings

We use PolyWhey by Vermont Natural Coatings in Our WoodShop. It is by far the best we have found!
Call Greg at (802) 472 8700 and tell him Our Woodshop sent you.
(No we don't get kickbacks, this stuff is just really good)

The Olde Picket Fence

The Olde Picket Fence is filled with lots of country and primitive items for your home, as well as lots of handcrafted gift items and home accessories including "Our Woodshop" furniture.. 

Book of woo romantic poetry

The Book of Woo is a book of romantic poetry written by the owner of "Our Woodshop"

Bowman Pottery

Bowman Pottery, These guys are awsome! Clyde has more talent than I could ever dream of
and he has passed it on to his son Brandon. Put the two together and something fantastic is bound to happen.

Olde Century Colors

Olde Century Colors  Fantastic paints and colors for your furniture.
Click here to look at some colors


We use Minwax

So if you want something made just for you,

Contact us, Tell us what you want, We'll make it.

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