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Our Woodshop Is no longer in business. After 18 years we decided it just was not worth it. I will make things for myself and I may make things for family and friends but it is NOT a business. I am not marketing and I am not selling anything through any store. I decided to leave this page up to show people some of the things we have done. Much newer things are on the facebook page. I want to thank all of our great customers and say I truely apreciated your business. But it is time to move on to something else. I wish you the very best.

Thomas Jones


Our Woodshop Was a small family custom furniture business located near North Canton, Ohio. Everything that we sell was hand-made by us in our woodshop. So it was "Made in the USA". Nearly everything is made using natural wood and screws so it will be tight and sturdy for generations.

We specialize in custom orders.

People seem to love the fact that they can give us an idea or a drawing with measurements and we can make exactly what they want, just for them and for a good price.

Since nearly everything that we make is custom made to order, not from a warehouse, we don't carry a large inventory.

So if you want to know if we have something in stock, the answer is probably no, but we will be glad to make something for you, Just the way you want it.

At Our Woodshop, "Custom Made Furniture" doesn't mean expensive.

Follow the links to the left to see some of hutches, benches, end tables, coffee tables and many other things, even Primitive Furniture that we have made.

Most people have a space in their house where they would like to put "something." A lot of people know what kind of furniture they want but can't find it, or can't find what they like in the size or color they want.

That's where we come in.

Contact us, Tell us what you want, We'll make it.

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