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The Way I Make Furniture

Our workmanship is from generations of experience. I have learned from my father (and Grandfathers) how to create quality furniture that will last.

We at Our Woodshop are proud of what we make and the way we make things. We never use the so called "engineered lumber" or what I consider glorified cardboard like you find in so many kinds of furniture now a days.

Most of the things we make are made of nothing but real honest to goodness natural wood boards. We use mostly pine, poplar, oak, hickory and old barn siding, but if you want something else, we can do that too. We hand select the lumber to get the best stock available. I buy hard woods directly from the man that cut down the trees.

Also, we use a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes and screw things together so that things will be good and tight for generations. I made one cabinet and when I had the shell done, just for kicks I counted the screws, there were 95!

We don't have an assembly line, employees or a factory, everything is made by one of us from beginning to end. Cathy and I (Thomas) are proud of the things we make and love the thought that what we make will be passed down from generation to generation.

If something has to be an EXACT size, let us know, we'll make it that way.

We use Minwax stains, if you want something stained , check out their website and let us know what color you want.

We use PolyWhey by Vermont Natural Coatings to finish our hardwoods. It has a hard finish, is easy to work with, it won't hurt the environmnet and actually smells good. Check out their website at http://www.vermontnaturalcoatings.com.

We paint things White, Barn Red, Hunter Green, Midnight Blue and Black. Or, we will paint it any other color you want if you supply the paint.

We usually use wooden knobs and antique brass self closing hinges or hand made hinges. If you want something special, tell us. if you want something.... different, we would rather you supply it so there is no confusion.... We will help you out.

Our goal is to make exactly what you want and make sure that you are a happy customer so that you will come back and you will tell your friends about us. It's just that simple.

                                                                                                          Thomas Jones
PS, People keep asking if we fix furniture or refinish furniture. We don't but we would be glad to make something for you.

So if you want something made to last,

Contact us, Tell us what you want, We'll make it.

Customer Pickup and Local Delivery Only.
If you e-mail us please include your phone number and where you are from.

Our Woodshop
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