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New Things

We spend a lot of time making new and different things and we usually take pictures of them (we're proud of what we make) but finding the time to put them up on the web properly is a different thing. Cathy finally suggested that I just make a page where I can put all of the new pictures and you can look at them. If you see something you like or if something gives you an idea, you can contact us.

Thanks for looking.

↓This is a section of out showroom at The Olde Picket Fence in Hartville, OH↓

Ambridge Do It Best

↓Item # "N1"↓

Primitive furnishings

↓Item # "N3"↓

Primitive Halltree

↓Item # "N4"↓

Primitive Kitchen Island

↓Item # "N5"↓

High back bench

↓Item # "N7"↓

Hickory Primitive island bar

↓Item # "N9"↓

\3 board primitive cabinet

↓Item # "N10"↓

   Primitive Mini Hutch

↓Item # "N11"↓

Hickory Primitive hutch   Old Hutch

↓Item # "N12"↓

Primitive Kitchen Island

↓Item # "N14"↓

Primitive Bar

↓Item # "N17"↓

Primitive Kitchen Island

↓Item # "N22"↓

Simgle Primitive Peg

↓Item # "N23"↓

Primitive Vanity

↓Item # "N25"↓

Primitive hutch

↓Item # "N26"↓

TV Stand

↓Item # "N27"↓

Primitive 2 drawer shelf

↓Item # "N28"↓

4 Cubbie shelf

↓Item # "N37"↓

Dry Sink

↓Item # "N38"↓

Corner TV Stand

↓Item # "N39"↓

Corner TV Stand

↓Item # "N40"↓

Country Hutch

↓Item # "N41"↓

Country TV Stand

↓Item # "43"↓

Coffee Table

↓Item # "N47"↓

Quilt Crane

↓Item # "N52"↓

Primitive Hall Tree

↓Item # "N53"↓

Bread Box

↓Item # "N54"↓

Primitive Table

↓Item # "N55"↓

Hickery Farmhouse Table & Benches

↓Item # "N57"↓

Country Window

↓Item # "N59"↓

Oak Farm house Table & Benches

↓Item # "N61"↓


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